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Leg Injury

Devon MD Jones uses a unique mix of Stretch Therapy, Reflexology and Thai Massage to get you the results you've been searching for. But be ready to do your homework, she will assign you mobility exercises and stretches to recover and maintain the results.

Stretch Therapy is a practice that is similar to assisted stretching. To put it simply, it's like doing Yoga but your therapist does it for you, all you have to do is relax and breathe.


It originally started as a modality to help athletes improve their range of motion, oxygen uptake and circulation before a performance to help them optimize on their sport and to help them recover quickly from an injury or tightness after a game. Stretch Therapy has evolved to be able to help everyone. It has proven immediate benefits for improving Performance, Mobility, Strength and Recovering injured tissues in the human body.

It has also been discovered that it has TREMENDOUS emotional benefits as Fascia has been scientifically proven to hold a lot of emotional memory.


Get stretch therapy near you.

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