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Dr. Adrian Marsilio and Dr. Shanna Sullivan are chiropractors, fitness professionals and the founders of All Access Health & Fitness. Above and beyond just a gym and clinic, All Access is an integrated health and fitness community with a mission to nurture and boost overall wellbeing.




At All Access Health & Fitness, we are growth and progress-oriented.  As a team, we lead by example and empower our community towards positive and healthy change. We meet clients wherever they are within their health and fitness journey and support their individualized needs.  With every encounter, we have an opportunity to help clients feel good, strong and truly ‘seen’.


Our open-space concept facilitates an environment of warmth and transparency. We share the space and entire experience. There is a collective sense and purpose of improvement. As a member of our team, it is integral for you to know that you have an impact and that you bring positive and open energy into all that you do. Together we are a supportive force and push towards common goals.   




Rooted in cohesive and collective care, manual therapists and trainers work in tandem to provide holistic and informed treatments. We ensure that you are well equipped for injury/re-injury prevention. Our fitness offerings push you to train hard while our clinic services ensure fast recovery. Likewise, our clinic services facilitate fast recovery so that you can train hard within our gym. 




We intend to provide you with access to all of their health and fitness needs under one roof. Creating an accessible and inclusive environment is a shared responsibility of all. In group sessions, trainers introduce themselves personally to each of you, learn about your goals and needs, and offer modifications where needed. 




The All Access Group Fitness program is specially designed to achieve results. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different type of class so that clients can build a consistent and complete routine. Classes focus on functional movements and are circuit-based to push endurance and stamina. 




From the minute one walks in the door we strive to exceed expectations and go above and beyond. Trainers offer positive encouragement and reinforcement of progress in every class. Supportive language creates a sense of accomplishment that gives our clients the motivation to achieve their ambitious fitness goals. 

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