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High-energy small group classes to access your strongest self. All sessions are scientifically tailored by expert trainers to optimize fitness routines and goals. Trainers will guide form, help use a variety of equipment, and motivate throughout.

Kettlebell Workout, group fitness class, train, personal training

Full Body Strength

Targets the entire body with functional movements that strengthen the upper body, lower body and core. No class is the same and you can expect variety to continuously level up and push past plateaus!

Hybrid HIIT

The perfect mix of Cardio and Strength. Hybrid HIIT will get your heart pumping. The goal of this class is to SWEAT by working on cardiovascular stamina and building muscle tone.

Crossfit Rowing Machines
Lifting Kettlebells

Arms & Abs

Designed to sculpt and strengthen the core and upper body. Arms and Abs is an amazing foundational class that will improve posture, stability and overall form in all other classes.

fitness class, personal training, rehab, lose weight, workout

Lower Body Strength

Just as it sounds, the goal of this class is to build muscle and strength in the lower body with a focus on proper form. Special attention is paid to all major lower body muscle groups for a targeted and effective workout. 

Intense Workout

Strength & Conditioning

Designed to challenge muscle strength and focus on proper form. This small group class is about proper lifting technique while increasing weight with each set. 

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